God, I wish there was a good story behind that title, but nope….there is not.  So, as any of you return persons know, last night I wrote my very first blog (yay me)! Good Glory to the man above, someone should have warned me how much effort goes into one of these things.  Spent the last two and a half….yes that’s right….two and a half hours, just trying to get my site title and background set properly!  Me nerves is shot here now.  Never in my life did I think WordPress would be the thing to break me.  I kid…I kid (sorta).  Now that I’m done I feels almost as accomplished as the day I gave birth to my son…almost.  So, in other news, I’m still single.  Nope, Prince Charming didn’t manage to find me since last night.  Gonna have to lock myself in a tower somewhere I suppose.  Did I just mix up fairy tales there?…I don’t know.  Anyway, on to what I was planning on telling you before my mind went wayward.  Even though no Prince Charming, I did get something that might be even better! A new tattoo! It’s my fourth, and I may be a little too excited about it, but hey, the highlight of my day is usually taking my bra off….so this is a fantastic day for me….lol.  Well, then you knows what I had to do right?  I made the design for my new tattoo the background for this blog!  Take that WordPress, you almost made me cry, but in the end it was worth it.  I know “they” (who ever the hell they are ) say nothing worth having in life comes easy, but come on, it’s a blog.  Going forward I now know, don’t believe anyone when they say, “You should write a blog, there’s nothing to it sure”.  Hmmmm…yeah…ok….whatever…eye roll…eye roll…eye roll.  All kidding aside. I’m loving this so far.  I might be sweating, but I’m also smiling. So it was worth it.  Look at that “they” might know what “they” are talking about after all. Until next time my dears! I’ve posted a pic of my new tattoo for your viewing enjoyment, ain’t it preeeeetttyyy?! 🙂




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